Vicky S. Kalogeiton

Hi! I am Vicky S. Kalogeiton!

vicky Welcome to my webpage! 

I was born in Athens, Greece, in 1989. After enjoying the sun for 18 years, I moved to Xanthi, a cold and quite windy city in the north Greece in order to study Electrical & Computer Engineering (EECE) at the Democritus University of Thrace (DUTh). So, in 2011, I received the M. Eng. degree and in 2013, I received the M.Sc. degree from the same university.

Then, since the cold was not enough, I decided to migrate to some colder yet beautiful cities in Europe, Edinburgh, UK and Grenoble, France in order to join a joint PhD program. Right now, I am a last year PhD candidate at the THOTH team, INRIA Rhone-Alpes (previous name LEAR) and at the CALVIN research group, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh. I work under the advisement of Dr. Cordelia Schmid and Dr. Vittorio Ferrari, respectively. My research interests are computer vision, machine learning and deep learning; in specific, I work on video understanding: learning of object or action class detectors from consumer videos.